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Review: Timber and Fins Fly Boxes

If you fly fish or tie flies you no doubt have tried endless fly boxes. I myself have tried dozens and dozens of different boxes in the quest for the perfect box for each scenario. Most of these boxes are made from plastic, silicone and other synthetic materials. I have in the last year started using Timber and Fins fly boxes for certain applications and could not be happier.

Timber and Fins produces fly boxes as well as an array of accessories that are beautiful and eco-friendly. Instead of plastic, all the boxes are made of spanish cedar and black walnut. In place of silicone, the hook strips are made of amadou. Not only does this look raw and beautiful, the amadou dries your flies when you put them back in the box. A strong earth magnet keeps the box firmly shut and in place. Instead of varnishes and lacquers they use food grade waxes and linseed oil. The detail and commitment to making a responsible product really is unmatched by any other box on the market.

There is a few disadvantages to these boxes, most notably their size. I say disadvantage, but it's really contingent on your personal preference and usage. They just don't hold that many flies. This isn't a box to hold your 250 midge patterns. I have switched over to using these boxes for dry flies and day trip boxes but of course still carry some other boxes that hold more flies, especially for nymphs. I do prefer silicone boxes for a lot of applications especially for the small stuff. However for a basic dry fly box, or a box I filled the night before a trip, I absolutely love and prefer these boxes over anything else.

Timber and Fins makes a variety of products including amadou fly patches, leather fly wallets, and leather tying mats. If your looking for an ethically sourced and made fly box you can't go wrong with this box from Timber and Fins. They are beautiful, responsible and useful. You will find custom BoWentworth fly boxes and wallets available here in my shop that are released every month. If your looking for any of there other products head over to .

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