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I grew up and still reside in the Alleghenies in Northwestern Pennsylvania. From a young age I have been connected to the wild here; camping, hunting and fishing as long as I can remember. There has always been a desire to understand or feel beyond those experiences, and a basic desire to just be outside in the elements.


I also have been an artist since I can remember. Always trying and finding a way to express myself in a variety of mediums; painting, drawing, carving, and writing. All of those things have always brought me so much joy, but I still didn't feel as though I had completely found the medium that aligned with all of me. 

Fly fishing and all of its aspects are to me an artistic process no different than any other art form.  Its a way of life, a way of thinking, and I could not feel more grateful to have found what I am.  What is so fulfilling about this craft to me is the ongoing process of learning, understanding, applying and starting over.  

This is a space where I want to share my process, my experiences, and my life as an artist and as an angler. I hope that bringing you into my journey evokes something in you like it does in me.



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