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Fly Tying and Fishing

We will be conducting group fly tying sessions every night tying a variety of salt water patterns. We will be focusing on learning to tie patterns that are effective for the big species found on Ambergris; Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, and Permit.  Whether you are a first timer or a life long fly tier you are more than welcome to come and enjoy this experience. The staff of the lodge and I are here to help you in any way we can. Even if you have never tied a fly or never fished in saltwater this will be a great opportunity to dive head first into the world of saltwater fly fishing.  In depth instruction (fishing techniques, fly selection or gear set up) and casting lessons are available for those who are interested in any downtime.  Each angler/tier will be provided with a fly tying kit that includes hooks, beads, tools and all materials needed to tie for the week (everything that you don't use you'll take home).  The only thing you'll need to bring is a vice!

El Pescador offers some of the best guides in the entire country of Belize. All the guides are English speaking, local Belizean's with extensive knowledge of the surrounding fishery. Each angler will share a single boat with one other angler from our group. You can expect to fish out of the boat and also do some wading depending on the area.  Bonefish and Permit flats are minutes away from the lodge and longer runs to less pressured flats can take up to 30 minutes. 

Bonefish - The Ambergris Caye has an unbelievable population of bonefish. Large schools of hundreds of fish are not uncommon. Bonefish are a perfect fish to cut your teeth on as they are honest and take a fly really well. Flies we will be focusing on are local favorites like Squimps, Christmas Island Specials, Gotchas, Crazy Charlies, and a few of my own favorite mashups. 

Permit - Considered by many as the Holy Grail of fly fishing The Permit is is without a doubt one of the most sought after species on a fly. This area has a large population of these fish in a variety of sizes. You will most likely see these fish daily and hopefully get some good shots at these illusive fish. Flies we will be tying here include a variety of Crab Patterns, Spawning Shrimp, Avalons, and Mantis Shrimp. 

Tarpon- The Tarpon fishing in Belize is worth the trip alone. The Tarpon range from 10-200 lbs and are found in a variety of habitats that are incredible in themselves to see and experience. Flies we will be focusing on for Tarpon are classics like the Black Death, Deceivers, and a variety of EP style Baitfish. 

Snook- Snook are an awesome gamefish and the places they inhabit can be some the most fun to fish.  I grew up fishing for Snook in Florida and have always been really fond of catching and tying flies for these fish. Flies we will be tying here include the Shminnow, Gummy Minnows, Clousers, and a few of my personal favorites.

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